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Since 2012, InsideEVs has faithfully served fans of electric cars, plug-in hybrids and alternative-energy vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Today, we continue that mission as EV adoption spreads far and wide and as the global auto industry undertakes its biggest transformation ever. That transformation won’t be limited to just EVs, however. It also includes new software features, increased autonomy, new ways to purchase cars and more - all while the threats of climate change stand to impact how we get around and how we live for decades to come. InsideEVs today seeks to be your comprehensive guide to all of that, whether you’re on your first-ever electrified vehicle or your twelfth. Welcome to the new mission for InsideEVs: To inform and empower a new generation of drivers about the high-tech, zero-emission transformation of the car industry. As a rule, every story on InsideEVs seeks to be:

  • User-friendly. We will not be presumptive about our readers’ deep EV knowledge, but will instead write in an encouraging, easily understood tone. We also realize buyers have different kinds of needs, and so we strive to cover each car—and each development in the news cycle—in the context of why it exists in the first place.
  • Authoritative. Quality is job number one here. That means our stories will aim for nothing less than 100% accuracy, fair treatment of all sources and subjects involved, inclusive of the proper context around all facts and details, and crafted by someone with a deep understanding of this subject matter. To get a story wrong is to fail, and we aim to never fail our readers.
  • Independent. We put the consumer front and center. Our work advocates for our readers, helping them to not only make more informed purchasing decisions but to better understand the new world of electrified, connected motoring. We’re not in the tank for any specific automaker or brand, and we don’t allow our staff to have financial interests in entities they cover. From your first charge to your last mile, InsideEVs has you covered as we cover the rapidly transforming world of cars.

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